How to Get-Started
1. You need a loadForms account
2. Forms on your website
3. Some HTML knowledge & one script file.

Get the API key from the loadForms dashboard and use the same API key as form action attribute.
Do I need to create my own forms
Yes, you need to create your own form, the form should contain one unique id, our API key as action attribute and one common class (" .loadforms ") on form tag and name attribute on all input fields.
I already have a form
Ok, get the API key, from the loadForms dashboard, and use the same key as action attribute in your form. The form should have one unique id attribute (which will be your form name) and one common class attribute (“ .loadforms ” to catch your events)
How to add validation
We already have data-validation attribute. Add data-validation to the input field you want to validate.

Some Built-In validation names.
Can I add more validations
Yes, you can add more validations. read the complete article here.
Will I get callbacks after submitting
Yes, you will get a callback after submitting the form and even you can add your own callbacks.
Didn't find the question you are looking for
Go to Documentation page you will find everything there

We are your Expert Form Processing service

Dealing with forms is a huge waste of time, But that is the most important part as they help to get your hot leads, So we took the initiative to make the form processing simple. I guess we do have the best application for you.

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